1. New owners, new managers, new beginning

    November 2016 saw the transition from Norm and Sue to Sam and Beth Hockley as the new managers. We are very excited to bring new technology and processes to the business to increase customer satisfaction. We will be able to track our team of technicians, real time, and ensure every efficiency is introduced to improve the customer experience. Same great location, same great staff. Local service an…Read More

  2. Extend the Life of Your Washing Machine

    Most people are familiar with how certain detergents and washing practices can either damage or extend the life of your clothes. Detergents that are too harsh can leave your once soft, and comfy jumpers feeling itchy or can cause pilling, and no one wants that. But something that many people are not familiar with is that the washing machine itself can fall victim to premature aging due to bad habi…Read More

  3. The Right Temperature Setting for Your Fridge

    The urge to enjoy some fresh fruits and veggies hits. But when you open the door and find that all of the items in the crisper drawer are frozen, it can be a major disappointment. The only thing that might be worse is digging into those leftovers you’ve been so looking forward to and finding them spoiled. We’ve all been there at one point or another. The frustrations that come with finding foo…Read More

  4. Maintenance Is Life

      Your house is stocked full of appliances of all sizes. While life becomes tenfold more convenient with these handy machines, it also equates to more risk to your finances. When a trusty appliance goes on the blink, life can become stressful in a hurry. All Good Appliances specialises in appliance repair services and can quickly and efficiently help you with your electronic apparatuses. However,…Read More

  5. Nobody Likes Dirty Laundry

    Having clean clothes laid out and ready for the day is essential for many of us. Many people take their washers and dryers for granted, until one day they mutiny by breaking down or leaking. When this happens, you go from smooth operator to fussed homeowner. Your once-seamless fabric cleaning operation is now a dumping ground for dirty, unwearable clothing. Time to panic! Luckily, All Good Applian…Read More

  6. The Trip Of A Lifetime

    You gaze out of your office window, the sky is dark. The clouds are angry, you watch as the sky begins to open up; lightning flashing throughout the sky like the strobe light at the club last night. You sip your coffee patiently, waiting for the downpour to begin. You are fantasizing about the holiday to New York City that you have planned for you and your girlfriend. She is going to love it. Yo…Read More

  7. Home For A Visit

    The kids are visiting from Uni for a week. They have brought their appetites, homesickness, and dirty laundry with them. You have stocked the fridge with their favorite foods, and have a menu of delicious home-cooked meals planned out for the week. You even bought a family sized bucket of laundry detergent from Woolies in anticipation of their visit. Family Reunion Tonight you are making your …Read More

  8. The After Party

    The kids are having their friends over for a pizza party, they have been begging for weeks and your are finally giving in. You call the local pizza hot spot and order up a variety of pizza:  Pepperoni, margarita, hawaiian, seafood delight, vegetarian supreme, and plain cheese. You tack on some salads as well to have a healthy choice available. The pizza boy taking your order asks if you would li…Read More

  9. Breaking While Baking

    The school fete is tomorrow and you are slaving away in the kitchen. Chocolate patty cakes, cheesecakes, and banana muffins galore are moving their way from your Kitchen Aid Mixer into freshly sprayed pans. The pans are rotating in and out of your oven all day. While the goodies bake, you whip up some of your famous homemade butter cream icing. You have six batches completed, only four more t…Read More

  10. Grandma’s Special Day

    It is your Grandmother’s 90th birthday, and you have booked out the back room at her favorite restaurant. She loves the fish and chips that they serve. You have purchased three dozen balloons and a happy birthday sign. The last step is baking your grandmother’s favorite cake. It was her one request for this birthday, and you have made her one every year for the past ten years. The Prep You h…Read More