You have always just owned the vacuum that was on sale at Target, when you stopped in to buy some face wash. It has treated you well for a few years. Your friend Janet keeps raving about her Dyson vacuum and how well it works. You know that this particular brand of vacuum is pretty pricey, but you are sick of finding clumps of cat hair around the house. You decide to invest in a Dyson; your floor is the cleanest that it has ever been and Mitten’s hair is nowhere to be found.

The Incident

You are vacuuming away months later, you hear a crunch followed by clicking, and the vacuum turning off. You look down at your rug and are wondering what in the world just happened. You set the vacuum on its side as you try to look underneath and find the culprit of this issue. You unknowingly feel around on the bottom of the vacuum but can’t find any obvious signs of what the problem may be. Your $500 dollar vacuum is ruined, great. You start to cry a little, on the inside, but then you remember that All Good Appliances of Wollongong fixes small appliances like vacuum cleaners too!

The Quick Fix

You contact them to see if they have any appointments available. They tell you to bring your vacuum by, and they will put it on the workshop cue. You live in Wollongong, so the small appliance repair shop is right down the street. You load your vacuum up and head on over.