Everyone enjoys a tidy house. Coming in from the elements into a clean castle is a good feeling. You put in the time to spruce up the place with your dusting and vacuuming. However, recently you’ve noticed your vacuum stuttering and weakening. Now it won’t turn on at all. All Good Appliances is your small appliance repair specialist, and we can fix this problem. Having a working, healthy vacuum benefits you in many ways. Some people might be muttering right now “mine is broken but I don’t want to spend the money!” Keep reading to see how investing in vacuum cleaner repair – or buying a new one – can make your life better:


Air Quality


Vacuuming consistently removes dirt, dust, and allergens from your rug. Often invisible, these airborne invaders can wreak havoc on your immune system. Mites, dust, and mold, oh my! Any of these contaminants can compromise your immune system and lead to sick time. Clearing the air, so to speak, is a wise action that we fully recommend! Your overall health is determined by an army of factors, and simply hosing away at your carpet can be hugely beneficial.


Carpet Life


Contrary to popular belief, going heavier on the vacuuming frequency is good for your carpet. During vacuum droughts, dirt and debris piles up around the threads. Over time, this dirt coupled with the friction from your foot traffic equates to more friction. Leaving dirt in your floor tapestry shortens its lifespan considerably. Carpet is an expensive commodity, therefore we believe fixing or replacing your vacuum is a much lesser evil.


Smell Control


People enjoy clean spaces. The visual beauty of your home will all be nullified if the place smells like a carnival. Pet odours are a major contributor to this smell problem. Vacuuming regularly helps reduce both pet hair and smells. Double win, right? Those who smoke should take additional heed: Both smell and chemicals play a big part in your duality with cigarettes and comfortable floor spaces. Vacuuming frequently helps fight motel scents as well as combats harmful carcinogens.


Small leaks sink great ships. This can be applied to your flagship estate. Something as small as your coffee machine or vacuum going down can lead to chaos. Luckily, we offer coffee machine repairs along with our vacuum expertise. Bring your hoover in and we can get to work. All Good Appliances is your small appliance repair source and our experts are certified and ready to help. Contact us today to get your homelife back in order!