You were playing your favorite R&B throwbacks from the early 2000’s and may have gotten carried away with the dance moves in your kitchen. You really couldn’t help yourself. Flaunt It by TV Rock came on and you grabbed a spatula and got jiggy with it. With all the dancing around, you loose track of where you are and knock your espresso machine off the counter; The dangers of jamming to hard. You frantically pick up the pieces and reassemble it. You plug it back in, and press the “on” button. Nothing happens. Your nostalgia just ruined your expensive machine that creates joy and livelihood. Luckily for you, All Good Appliances of Wollongong does small appliance repair.

The SolutionAll Good Appliances is here to fix all of your big and small appliances!

You call up All Good Appliances to let them know that you will be dropping your espresso machine by. They empathise with you and your lack of caffeine, and tell you that they will do their best to repair the small appliance. You load the machine into your car and head out. Luckily they are located in Wollongong so it is convenient for you to drop off and pick up your small appliance once it has been repaired. You drop off your energy maker, and head to work. They assure you that they will give you a call once the repairs have been completed. Your throwback dance party crisis has a simple solution with All Good Appliances located just around the corner.

If you need an appliance, big or small, repaired in the Wollongong area contact All Good Appliances today!