1. Vacuum Problem? Suck It Up!

    Everyone enjoys a tidy house. Coming in from the elements into a clean castle is a good feeling. You put in the time to spruce up the place with your dusting and vacuuming. However, recently you’ve noticed your vacuum stuttering and weakening. Now it won’t turn on at all. All Good Appliances is your small appliance repair specialist, and we can fix this problem. Having a working, healthy vacuu…Read More

  2. The Drawbacks Of Throwbacks

    You were playing your favorite R&B throwbacks from the early 2000’s and may have gotten carried away with the dance moves in your kitchen. You really couldn’t help yourself. Flaunt It by TV Rock came on and you grabbed a spatula and got jiggy with it. With all the dancing around, you loose track of where you are and knock your espresso machine off the counter; The dangers of jamming to har…Read More

  3. When The Vacuum Breaks

    You have always just owned the vacuum that was on sale at Target, when you stopped in to buy some face wash. It has treated you well for a few years. Your friend Janet keeps raving about her Dyson vacuum and how well it works. You know that this particular brand of vacuum is pretty pricey, but you are sick of finding clumps of cat hair around the house. You decide to invest in a Dyson; your floor …Read More