1. New owners, new managers, new beginning

    November 2016 saw the transition from Norm and Sue to Sam and Beth Hockley as the new managers. We are very excited to bring new technology and processes to the business to increase customer satisfaction. We will be able to track our team of technicians, real time, and ensure every efficiency is introduced to improve the customer experience. Same great location, same great staff. Local service an…Read More

  2. Maintenance Is Life

      Your house is stocked full of appliances of all sizes. While life becomes tenfold more convenient with these handy machines, it also equates to more risk to your finances. When a trusty appliance goes on the blink, life can become stressful in a hurry. All Good Appliances specialises in appliance repair services and can quickly and efficiently help you with your electronic apparatuses. However,…Read More

  3. Refridgeration Repair In a Hurry

    There is nothing worse than having issues with your refrigerator. Issues with your fridge can not only cause panic, but it will also cause all of your food to go bad.  When your refrigerator isn’t keeping your food cold, or isn’t working all together you may want to troubleshoot before calling an appliance repair company. There are five major, common problems when it comes to refrigerators an…Read More

  4. Get Your Dishwasher Up and Running In A Flash

    So your dishwasher has stopped washing your dishes, and it feels like the end of the world. Between work, shuttling the kids to and from soccer practice, and those dreaded parent/teacher meetings. You barely have time to put the dishes in the dishwasher, let alone hand wash them. Hand washing dishes is extremely time consuming especially when you have a family of four or more eating three square …Read More

  5. The Most Common Kitchen Appliance Repairs

    Appliances of this century have revolutionized the ways in which we get things done. They allow for optimal service in short periods of time, and convenience. Our ovens cook more quickly, and sing to us once they are preheated; our refrigerators are build with organization in mind; and our washer and dryer now do all of our hand washing and air drying for us. With our busy schedules, we rely on th…Read More

  6. The Fight For Clean Laundry

    Lets face it, no one enjoys doing laundry, but there is a big difference in choosing not to do your laundry, and literally not being able to do your laundry due to an issue with your appliances. With the ease of laundry these days, our washers and dryers can alert us when our laundry is complete, as well as cater to our specific clothing needs. Our washers have the ability to wash your delicates f…Read More

  7. Welcome to All Good Appliance Repair

    Welcome to All Good Appliance Repair! All Good Appliances is your Top Rated Local® appliance service, parts replacement, and repair agent in Wollongong, Nowra, Southern Highlands, Goulburn, and Campbelltown areas. If you have issues with an appliance or need a part replaced, let us know! We can usually get you in for next day service!  With over 20 years of experience in appliance repair, part i…Read More