1. The After Party

    The kids are having their friends over for a pizza party, they have been begging for weeks and your are finally giving in. You call the local pizza hot spot and order up a variety of pizza:  Pepperoni, margarita, hawaiian, seafood delight, vegetarian supreme, and plain cheese. You tack on some salads as well to have a healthy choice available. The pizza boy taking your order asks if you would li…Read More

  2. Breaking While Baking

    The school fete is tomorrow and you are slaving away in the kitchen. Chocolate patty cakes, cheesecakes, and banana muffins galore are moving their way from your Kitchen Aid Mixer into freshly sprayed pans. The pans are rotating in and out of your oven all day. While the goodies bake, you whip up some of your famous homemade butter cream icing. You have six batches completed, only four more t…Read More

  3. Grandma’s Special Day

    It is your Grandmother’s 90th birthday, and you have booked out the back room at her favorite restaurant. She loves the fish and chips that they serve. You have purchased three dozen balloons and a happy birthday sign. The last step is baking your grandmother’s favorite cake. It was her one request for this birthday, and you have made her one every year for the past ten years. The Prep You h…Read More

  4. Hosting Your Winter Dinner Party

    Winter is upon us which means footy, sausage rolls and meat pies. The fridge is stacked to the nines ready to watch the big game tonight with your mates. Your favorite music is pumping and your bar is stocked. You open the fridge a few hours before to grab a cold one only to realise that your beer is warm. In fact, the entire fridge is warm. Oh No!  This is a disaster. All of the fo…Read More

  5. We Need Coffee

    Your coffee machine is broken. You are angry because you bought the top of the line coffee machine to ensure that you could count on your dark roast morning coffee to be perfectly blended and poured every morning. You need your coffee. You crave it. Your rely on it. The world seems like a dark place when there is no coffee. Coffee is part of our routine. Coffee is how we start our day. Coffee is w…Read More

  6. Refridgeration Repair In a Hurry

    There is nothing worse than having issues with your refrigerator. Issues with your fridge can not only cause panic, but it will also cause all of your food to go bad.  When your refrigerator isn’t keeping your food cold, or isn’t working all together you may want to troubleshoot before calling an appliance repair company. There are five major, common problems when it comes to refrigerators an…Read More

  7. Get Your Dishwasher Up and Running In A Flash

    So your dishwasher has stopped washing your dishes, and it feels like the end of the world. Between work, shuttling the kids to and from soccer practice, and those dreaded parent/teacher meetings. You barely have time to put the dishes in the dishwasher, let alone hand wash them. Hand washing dishes is extremely time consuming especially when you have a family of four or more eating three square …Read More

  8. Get The Best Bang For Your Buck When It Comes To Vacuums

    A vacuum cleaner is an investment. It is an investment in the cleanliness of your home, and in your health. Like most other products, you get what you pay for. So naturally when you buy a new vacuum you are probably more than likely to spring for a middle or top of the line vacuum that you will be able to rely on for years to come. You spend a few hundred dollars with the expectation that this vac…Read More

  9. The Appliance Lifecycle

    Appliances are expensive to purchase, especially when you choose to go with the top of the line option. We buy new appliances with the expectation that these appliances should last a very long time, but exactly how long is a “long time”? Of course the amount of time that an appliance will last depends on its owners. It is dependant on how often the appliance is used, and also how well kept the…Read More

  10. The Most Common Kitchen Appliance Repairs

    Appliances of this century have revolutionized the ways in which we get things done. They allow for optimal service in short periods of time, and convenience. Our ovens cook more quickly, and sing to us once they are preheated; our refrigerators are build with organization in mind; and our washer and dryer now do all of our hand washing and air drying for us. With our busy schedules, we rely on th…Read More