Lets face it, no one enjoys doing laundry, but there is a big difference in choosing not to do your laundry, and literally not being able to do your laundry due to an issue with your appliances. With the ease of laundry these days, our washers and dryers can alert us when our laundry is complete, as well as cater to our specific clothing needs. Our washers have the ability to wash your delicates for those fancier items, and scrub those muddy towels clean as well. These features make doing laundry hassle free. When an issue arises with your washer or dryer, it can be means for panicking (especially if you have put off doing laundry for far too long). If you have an issue with your washer, dryer, or any other household appliance, contact All Good Appliances for a speedy and affordable repair. Let’s take a look at some common issues that occur with washing and drying machines.

Cold Dryer

No, it’s not on the cool cycle. The dryer isn’t heating properly. Broken coils within your dryer can affect the amount of heat that is allowed in the dryer. Fortunately, this is a quick fix that is affordable, but if ignored can lead to larger problems and more costly repairs. This fix, depending on whether the problem is a coil or ducting can cost between $100-$300 and takes less than an hour to repair.

The Laundry Strike

If your washer or dryer is refusing to work, it may be due to a broken latch. Many appliances now have sensors that prevent them from working unless they are attached or closed properly. If the latch on your washer or dryer is broken, the machine assumes that it is not closed, or not closed properly. Repairing a latch or latches costs between $100-$200, but only takes 30 minutes or less to fix.

The Grumbling Washer

If your washing machine is making an unusual sound, or refuses to spin, you may need a new motor coupling. When hearing the groan of their washing machine, many people tend to jump to conclusions and head straight to the appliance store rather than considering a repair. Many issues that arise with your appliances can be repaired and don’t require an expensive upgrade or replacement. This repair is usually a little under $200 and takes an hour or less on average.

Next time your washing machine decides to cause a ruckus, your dryer decides that your clothes are better off wet, or one or the other decides not to start, don’t panic and head to the appliance store; instead call your Top Rated Local® appliance repair specialists at All Good Appliances for quality, honest service that you can count on! Our team of technicians are trained to work on a variety of appliance brands and will have your appliances back up and running in no time at all, without breaking the bank.