There is nothing worse than having issues with your refrigerator. Issues with your fridge can not only cause panic, but it will also cause all of your food to go bad.  When your refrigerator isn’t keeping your food cold, or isn’t working all together you may want to troubleshoot before calling an appliance repair company. There are five major, common problems when it comes to refrigerators and a few things to check when any of these issues occur so that you can try to diagnose the problem before calling for a repair.

Issue: My refrigerator is leaking.

Troubleshooting: Clean the drain pan. If the issue persists after the drain pan has been cleaned then it is time to call your local appliance repair company to use their expertise to troubleshoot the problem.

Issue: My refrigerator is constantly running, or isn’t getting cold enough.

Troubleshooting: Defrost the freezer and check the seals all around your refrigerator to make sure that they are sealing correctly.

Issue: My refrigerator is not cooling at all.

Troubleshooting: Check the temperature gauge in your fridge. If it is below where it should be call your local appliance repair company immediately and hopefully you can still salvage most of your food

Issue: My refrigerator won’t turn on.

Troubleshooting: Make sure that your refrigerator is plugged in completely. It may have just gotten loose in the outlet so try unplugging it, and then re-plugging it in. Another option is to try resetting the breaker. Occasionally you can blow a fuse.

If you don’t have time to try our troubleshooting tips, or they don’t fix the issue, give All Good Appliances a call for speedy and affordable appliance repair!