You gaze out of your office window, the sky is dark. The clouds are angry, you watch as the sky begins to open up; lightning flashing throughout the sky like the strobe light at the club last night. You sip your coffee patiently, waiting for the downpour to begin. You are fantasizing about the holiday to New York City that you have planned for you and your girlfriend. She is going to love it. You have made the reservations, booked the fanciest suite, and packed your bags already. You just have to make it through the remainder of the day. As you are staring out the window, you find yourself in a trance. A crash of thunder shakes your building and the sky begins to weep. The rain pounds into the window, and you inhale in as you take it all in. Your trance is broken as your phone rings.

The GirlfriendAll Good Appliances is here to make sure that there is never a hiccup in your perfect plans!

It’s your girlfriend Sara. She is quirky, fun, artistic, and outgoing. You love her for all of these traits. However, she is also a procrastinator.This drives you insane. The two of you are heading out on vacation tomorrow to the States. She has never been before, so you are taking her to the Big Apple for sightseeing, and a night that you hope she will never forget. You are planning to propose to Sara on Saturday night during your dinner at Eleven Madison Park.

Sara calls you frantically wondering why the dryer isn’t working. You did your laundry a few days ago and had no problem with your washer or dryer. You have no idea what the problem could be. You tell her that you aren’t sure but that you will have a repairman come to the house to take a look. You hop online and start searching for the best local appliance repair company in Wollongong. The first place to pop up is All Good Appliances. You start skimming through the reviews to see that they come highly recommended: speedy service, affordable prices, extensive experience, ability to work on a multitude of appliances and brand names. All of these characteristics make your feel confident in hiring All Good Appliances. You contact them and schedule an appointment for this afternoon. You call Sara back to inform her of the appointment.

The Appointment

A few hours later, there is a knock at the door. Sara anwsers it to find a representative from All Good Appliances standing in the doorway. She invites him in, and leads him to the dryer. He is extremely friendly. She waits patiently while the tech inspects the dryer. He emerges out of the laundry room with good news; The fuse has been blown. The technician fixes the issue, and has your dryer back up and running in no time.

 Next time you are in a bind, and need an appliance repaired in the Wollongong area, call All Good Appliances. They specialise in fixing both small and large appliances.