The kids are having their friends over for a pizza party, they have been begging for weeks and your are finally giving in. You call the local pizza hot spot and order up a variety of pizza:  Pepperoni, margarita, hawaiian, seafood delight, vegetarian supreme, and plain cheese. You tack on some salads as well to have a healthy choice available. The pizza boy taking your order asks if you would like paper plates, you tell him no thank you. You already have some in your pantry.

The Pizza Party

The kids begin arriving one by one for the oh-so-exciting pizza party. They are playing in the rumpus room while you are waiting for your six pizzas to arrive, it’s quite the pizza party you are hosting. The doorbell rings and all of the dogs rush the door. You push your way through to pay the pizza courier. You carry the pizzas into the kitchen and head for the pantry for paper plates and napkins. Little do you know that your husband commandeered the overly large box of disposable plates and utensils for his company picnic without informing you. You can’t find the paper plates so you will have to dirty the real dishes. A dozen plates later, you have successfully found a dish for each attending child. With every plate in your cupboard occupied, you are left to eat your pizza out of a bowl. Once the kids are finished with their pizza party, you clean the table. You wipe the table down including the leftover sauce and parmesan cheese that has been scattered all over the table.

Cleaning Up

You begin loading the dishes into the dishwasher, dreaming of getting off your feet. Once all twelve plates and your bowl has been loaded, you hit the start button. You hear the sound of the water flowing into the dishwasher. It is your own personal mommy oasis. As you begin to walk away, you hear a jolt. Yeah the water continues to flow, so you continue to walk away. You head to the living room where your glass of vino is patiently waiting for you to relax. You can hear the kids playing in the other room, and are glad that the evening is winding down. You find that you reach the bottom of your glass a little too quickly, so you head to the kitchen for a refill. You reach the kitchen and as you make your way to the light switch, you feel something cold and wet hit the bottom of your feet. You turn the lights on to find that your dishwasher is flooding your kitchen floor!

A Wet Surprise

You head to the linen closet for towels. You grab a stack and sprawl them across the kitchen floor while mopping up the moisture with your feet. You know that there is nothing you can do tonight. You turn off the dishwasher with plans of calling your local Wollongong appliance repair company in the morning. You awake with your flooded kitchen fresh on your mind. You quickly contact All Good Appliances of Wollongong for a repair appointment. They let you know that they will send a certified repairman within the hour.