Having clean clothes laid out and ready for the day is essential for many of us. Many people take their washers and dryers for granted, until one day they mutiny by breaking down or leaking. When this happens, you go from smooth operator to fussed homeowner. Your once-seamless fabric cleaning operation is now a dumping ground for dirty, unwearable clothing. Time to panic! Luckily, All Good Appliances is here as the appliance repair pros you need.


Requiring dryer repair can be the result of a few different culprits in action. Although not having a box to dry clothing can seem like a small deal, hanging clothes to dry during the winter season can be troublesome. A list of common dryer issues includes:

  • Drive motor- the power source for turning the blower and drum. If you hear humming or it  simply isn’t starting, this is a possible explanation.
  • Start switch- although it can sound quite silly, the button that starts the whole operation can be dodgy.
  • Thermal fuse- a number of units have this bad boy; a safety feature to prevent overheating in your unit. However, if the fuse blows then your dryer is a glorified hamper for wet clothes!
  • Door switch- This small component can stop the entire operation if it’s misbehaving. Dryers have this switch to make it so dryers only run when the door is completely shut. Safe, right? When this sensor malfunctions, the user is stuck with a healthy dryer that needs to be given the go-ahead.


The dryer’s aquatic cousin can be a more tiresome accomplice in your laundry endeavors. Washing machine repair is something trickier that we happen to offer! Washing machines have a motor to power both stages of the washing cycle and are supposed to be able to maintain a nominal water level. Another key part of this process is the ability to drain the water once your flannos have had a nice bath. These components can produce a plethora of issues, from the washer not spinning to overfilling. Faulty washing machines can do more than ruin your awesome fashion – it can also flood your home! This is one appliance repair we can help with.


Although we all pray it does not happen, machines do break down and cause the need for knowledgeable appliance repair services. All Good Appliances is your source for fixing all things in the home. Don’t let your equipment ruin your wardrobe – contact us today for all of your appliance service needs!