It is your Grandmother’s 90th birthday, and you have booked out the back room at her favorite restaurant. She loves the fish and chips that they serve. You have purchased three dozen balloons and a happy birthday sign. The last step is baking your grandmothers favorite cake. It was her one request for this birthday, and you have made her one every year for the past ten years.

Have your own fixed in a jiffy by All Good Appliances to fix grandma the perfect birthday cake!The Prep

You head to your local grocery store to buy all of the ingredients that you will need to construct the cake for your grandmother’s birthday. You even buy the number candles with a “9” and “0” on them. You skip the idea of putting 90 candles on the cake in fear that that you might burn down the restaurant. You head home and get to work. Once the batter is completed, you pour it into a greased pan. You head to preheat the oven. You are pushing all the buttons but nothing is happening, the oven is broken. You quickly dial up All Good Appliances in Wollongong. You are sure that they will be able to help. They send one of their experienced and licensed technicians out to your home. The tech examines your oven and diagnoses the problem. Luckily, he has all the parts necessary to repair your oven in his van. Within a little over an hour, your oven is ready to rock and roll. You thank the repair man and thankfully place the cake in the oven.

 The cake is finished in the nick of time, thanks to a speedy repair done by All Good Appliances in Wollongong.