The school fete is tomorrow and you are slaving away in the kitchen. Chocolate patty cakes, cheesecakes, and banana muffins galore are moving their way from your Kitchen Aid Mixer into freshly sprayed pans. The pans are rotating in and out of your oven all day. While the goodies bake, you whip up some of your famous homemade butter cream icing. You have six batches completed, only four more to go. The timer rings and you obediently head to the over to make sure that your chocolate cake has risen correctly. To your surprise, thirty minutes after baking your cake still looks like batter. You reach in the oven to pull it closer, for a more thorough look. This cake is definitely NOT baking. You pull all of your goodies out of the oven. You turn the oven off and back on again – still no heat. What in the world is going on? I don’t have time for this!

You Need Back Up

You call up a local Wollongong appliance-repair company to see when their next appointment is; they tell you that the next available appointment is tomorrow morning. Your heart sinks, you need your oven repaired tonight! You thank them for their time and call up All Good Appliances in Wollongong. All Good Appliances understands the urgency of your situation and say that they will send a repair technician out as soon as possible. The technician arrives in a few hours, and fixes your stove in a jiffy. The crisis has been averted. You continue baking your cakes and sweet treats, you even pass a few of the fruity lemon cupcakes off to the repairman to thank him for his time.